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New Branding feature!
NEW! Now your charity can add your own totally custom content anywhere!
With our Optimum solution, you can offer your Tribute Fund service from your very own website:
And once you're a partner it takes about 2 minutes to setup...

About Your Charity

Adding News from Your Charity

You can add a nice big bit of copy here about what you've been up to or you can highlight your aims or current focus with some punchy action points, for example:

Want to hear more? Why not feature the best Testimonials?

Whilst you can display a whole page of your testimonials from supporters & donors, you might want to highlight a few here on your main page:
The new custom partner testimonial area ensures it's all about Your Charity
The Testimonials can be arranged nicely to flow together. An abridged version of the testimonial can be shown here linking to the full-length version in the testimonials page...
As many or as few testimonials as you like can now be added here
You can even have more on this side than on that side
Plus you can create as many news Pods as you like, big or small...
In Memory Fundraising
We've helped charities raise over £2.5 million through in memory donations. Let's start helping you!

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Thank You for helping

With your donations and support Your Charity has been able to do much more in the community.
{This is a great place to tell supporters how their donations are spent carrying out your work.}